How to put your game on STEAM (Video)

Hi guys, I made this first part of a longer tutorial series to show you how to set up a steam page for your game and how to sell a game on steam.

Hope this helps :heart:


“like the tags on youtube”

So the tags on steam does nothing at all as well then?


For the ones who doesn’t know, tags on youtube are doing nothing at all, just wasting your time by filling it in haha. (you want a source? upload a video to youtube, it will tell you).

Great work!

Haha yeah, upon investigating YouTube tags a bit more, I found that you are completely right. In that case, what I’m saying in the video is wrong, because as far as I understood, the tags do a lot more for discoverability on Steam.

Had to take the video down temporarily because I have to check the steamworks NDA again to make sure I am not breaching anything…

That’s a bummer, but i don’t believe that you are breaching the nda. The steamworks is accessible for anyone, so making a tutorial about it won’t break that. But i can be wrong.