How to quick check "in between" physics animation without a complete project bake

Hi there,

I have to fix a physics animation quite at the end of my ~12.000 frames animation. I am pretty sure that I have to make several small adjustments to get it fixed.
But I don’t want my ~12.000 frames animation to be completely baked every single time I made a small adjustment as it takes too much time.

So I thought, limiting start and end frame in timeline and in rigid body world cache would help but it does not. Physics is not beeing baked.

Any idea how to quick check physics within a sepcific frame range?

As a workaround, I copied my project, saved it under a new name, deleted all unnecessary objects and animation data, pulled all relevant keyframes to the project start.

Now, I have frames 1 to ~600 to bake (instead of 1 to 12.000) what does take around 2 minutes and is fine for me. Then, with my original project still open, I make the corresponding adjustments there.