How to quickly layout alpha sheets for fur?

I want to try creating something fluffy like this guy. His fur is all alpha sheets. Is there a way to lay them down without manually placing them 1 at a time? Please point me to some tutorial or video.

Thank you in advance.

Well, particles using the fur alpha sheets, and then converting those particles to mesh should work.
Here, I know this tutorial is for grass but I think the idea should work the same for fur.
Probably just want to skip to the part where he’s making the particle system. You may also want to use weight paint to control where the fur appears on the model. And once your happy with how it looks you’ll want to convert the particle to mesh in the particle system tab.
I hope that helps!

Thanks ArtAvenue. Watching the video now. Curious if it’s possible to control the direction of each sheet? They’ll need to follow certain direction, such as spreading out from the eyes.

You should be able to go into particle edit mode and use the comb tool. Though just remember, sometimes it is just easier to manually place hair/fur sheets yourself for the best results. or even after you convert the particle system to mesh, you could go in and manually correct some of the sheets.

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