How to quickly select edge loop / ring around grid filled area?

I was wondering if anyone had workflow recommendations when it comes to selecting the ring around a grid filled area. I ‘alt + click’ the ring and it only partially selects. I’m just looking to speed up my workflow. I really appreciate the help! :smiley:

cant, that is not a loop. dont use grid fill, you gain unnessasary geometry and it wont deform well if subdivided. Use an NGon, and use the Inset Face (I) tool to add a supporting edge in the case of subdividing.

Could ctrl+alt+select the face loop around and then deselect the edge loop further away. Second fastest might be to select all the vertices on the area with circle select, then select menu -> select boundary loop.

If you want to cap off with something else than an n-gon, there are multiple ways but

32 vertices around, an n-gon triangulates with 30 triangles. Triangle fan has 32 triangles, and grid fill with 1 span has 30.

Thank very much for your help. I see the ngon allows me to retain control of that edge. Later I can convert the face with ‘ctrl + T’ to covert to triangles and then ‘alt + J’ to convert to quads. I completely forgot you can adjust the amount of spans using grid fill. Have a great day! :smiley: