how to re-join the nose to its face?

i used PKEY to separate the nose from the face mesh for more detailed
editing, but how can i re-join the two after my editing.

a beginner in blender:)

Select the objects you want to join in Object Mode by using for instance shift while using rmb (right mouse button) to select. After you have selected the objects you want to join, hit ctrl-j.

Yes! It works. Thanks a lot!
Another 2 questions here. After finished editing the nose and by deleting the other portion of the face mesh, can I save the finished nose as a separate blend file for later use with another character? If this is viable, how can I load the nose blend file into my next character blend file?

Yes - and you can append the nose to your new file and do whatever joining you like.

Shift F1 to append when you select an object (RT click) in the objects directory it turns blue.

The default at the bottom of the screen is to Append.

Thanks Harry for your advice.

I did make progress as far as you advised me and get my nose blend file in blue color, but when I click on the Load Library button an error message appeared, “Not a library.”

Am I supposed to save the nose in a library format file instead of the blend format? Or did I miss out some other things in the entire process.

Appreciate your help!

When you select the blend file containg the separate nose object, you need to drill down into the object directory in that blend file (by clicking on it) and select the nose object (in the “object” directory). Selecting just the blend file won’t do it.

This is a bit old but it may help:

Thanks again, Harry. You really help solve my problems. My salute!

FYI, though haven’t spent enough time on it I like what I see on your website. I believe I can learn a lot from you. You know, I’m a Canadian also living in Toronto.

Thanks again Harry. You really help solve my problems. My salute!

Hello one-50

I’m glad I could help. I’ve only used Blender for one year, so I’m not as expert as many users on this site. I know there’s a lot of frustration when you’re starting to learn the interface, but in a little while you’ll appreciate the genius of its simplicity!

Don’t forget to use the search tool at the top of the forum and google is your best friend. Many beginner problems are not unique, and they are documented somewhere on the web.

Here’s some useful links:

Toronto is a great city, but I moved out of town a few years ago.

Have fun blending!