How to re-size .bvh-armatures? Any alternatives to BvHacker?

When I import a .bvh-file I’ve made using Brekel-software, the armature is way too large. And it can’t be scaled down in Blender (not without undesired side-effects (which also occur if you Apply Scale)). This means that the characters (and everything else in your scene) need to be scaled up instead, which can be a problem.

So, I’m trying to find a way to scale the .bvh-armature down. I know that bvhacker can be used - but it doesn’t work on my Win 8.1 system. I’ve followed all instructions, including opening and saving the .bvh in TextPad, but that doesn’t fix the ‘Mac’-issue on my PC.

So does anybody know a way to re-size .bvh armatures?

Are you using the scale setting when importing?

Applying scale to an armature will not scale the actions accordingly, or at least it didn’t last time I looked.

I have code to rescale a bvh rig, and the actions, the end result being the same as using scale on import in the first place.