How to read Inches and feet in blender

Im using imperial units in blender for architecture, Blender says the “Y” measurement is 2.744 (as circled in the picture) 2.744 equals what on an American ruler? I know its 2 feet but the .744 is giving me a problem. please show on the American ruler below where 2.744 is please. :smiley: (I marked where i think it is)

Sorry, metric system user here, so I don’t know if this helps…
Does enabling “Separate Units” make things clearer?

2.74’ turns into 2’ 8.9" by enabling it…

Enable the ‘Separate Units’ option to show ’ and " separately

You are talking about feet but the ruler looks like inches ! Do you want 2.744’ or 2.744". If you want the former look at the image above. If you want the latter for your ruler then you are incorrect. 2.744" = 2 + 0.744x16 = 2 + 11.9/16ths inch

Should I just use metric? It seems easier to use since it is a base 10 unit and based on this:

“However, it is not just the calculational clumsiness of BUL units that make these inferior. More importantly, BUL units confuse matters by creating distinctions where these are not warranted (liquid volume versus dry volume), and by failing to make proper explicit distinction where such is required (pound for force versus pound for weight). The international system of units handles this much more rationally.”
Read more:

It seems that imperial units just don’t “measure” up