How to realisticly simulate a demolition

Hey Artists,
I’m working on a crash of a Tie-Fighter and the Tie-Fighter should realisticly tear apart while crashing.
I thought about using the cell fracture, but I think it didn’t really fit the purpose of this simulation. Is there maybe a way internally in blender or a plugin like the fracture modifier from previous versions of blender.

By the way, this is the way, how the TieFighter should rip apart. Unfortunatly this plugin isn’t avaible in Blender 2.8 jet.

I hope somebody can help me with this problem

Blender isn’t the best tool to do that, but with a complex rigid constraints setup you can make something similar.
Basicly you make a tons of small objects and connect them together with rigid body constraints, so they break apart only after some force threshold

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so I must scatter the Tie anyway and when yes what is the best option for that or is there a plug-in like fracture in 2.7? And when there is no other option, where can I find information about that?

Because this artist, of which the video is, did this whole thin with fracture. But this plugin (like I said :^) doesn’t exist for 2.8 yet.

I’m not completly sure but i belive fracture only splits the objects into smaller dibrits. to automate creating rigid body constraints you will probably need another addon.

Okay, do you now an addon or how I can do this without huge expenditure. Cause these small debris is the key to realism. The Cell fracture splits the debris in multiple object and I think there difficult to control.

As jerzygorskiart mentioned you are probably not in the correct software for what you are doing.

Getting your mesh into Unreal Engine 4 is what you need, I will not be explaining how to go forward and use that software, but look up Unreal Engine Fracture and there is plenty of stuff on YT.


Thx for reply. Is that how I should continue, even for VFX???

UE4 modelling is very very primitive, but everything else is awesome and there is not a lot you cannot do with it, so yes you can do everything else there.

ye, I wouldn’t wan’t to change from blender to UE4, If it works i would just use it for the physic simulations. I was asking myself, how good the workflow between blender and UE4 is, when it comes to VFX :^)

I figured out how to export to unreal but I cant find, how I can import the sim back to blender, because I want to implement the sim in a shot and I wan’t to export the image sequence in blender cycles. :^). Also how is the destruction simulation system called? Is there any documentation or a Tutorial on this topic?

And youre sure, that there is no plugin for blender that gives me a realistic fracture, which I can combine with Rigid body?

My recommendation would actually be to explore layered & controlled “explode” modifiers along with cloth / animated force fields etc. Some insights here:

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yeah, but I think the problem is, that my Tie is animated, because it crashed intro the street :^), or does it work equal?

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I believe you can make it work by controlling when the particle system starts emitting… It might be tricky though. This is a subject i have been thinking about but I’m not sure how far the core concept can be extrapolated because I haven’t experimented enough yet.

Ye, but If I disable the Gravity of the cloth like shown in the Video the Tie-Fighter Starts bouncing instead of tearing apart. And in Cloth Physics there is no Animation checkbox. The Problem is I need Rigid Body for the Simulation of the Impact. If you don’t mind I’ll send you the blend file, when I get at my PC. I hope the .blend file is small enough.

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You can actually forget about the Cloth part and focus just on using the particle system to drive the demolition using explode to keep it simple! If you use dynamic paint or vertex weight modifier + particle system set to emit at the right time from vertex group + explode + ground as collision object for particles + animated force fields to spice it up it should work…

I’ll try it out tomorrow and keep you updated. Another Thing: Does the Dynamic paint determine, which parts will break, because I want the Wings to break from the cockpit andaxbe shatter in 2 pieces and multiple minor parts which Break from them. The cockpit should shatter completely on the way.

Thats the idea! Dynamic Paint would drive particle emission which drives Explode. That being said - it might not work out because of some limitation I am not thinking about. In all cases I recommend starting with a very simple test project to test the implementation in theory before the full scene.

It may be the case that Explode Modifier & particles isnt the best way to go about it. Ive grabbed some YT vids that may hold other techniques in them below - and if you haven’t considered it - you can always create your crash in 2.79 + Fracture Modifier and bring that into 2.8 very easily (a lot of people do this I think).

Other vids (even though some are old they often have relevant ideas):

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Thank you, maybe thats the way to go. Maybe I’ll try out Unreal Engine as Well, If I can get information about that. I’m still confused why they erased the fracture modifier with 2.8 but I’ll try it that way.

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