How to record in Blender

I am wanting to start making my own Blender videos and I am wondering how exactly I am to start doing that. What is a good program to record in Blender with? I am stumped. Help please.

you mean record yourself using Blender?
if yes, which operating system are you using?

Well, I’ve recorded with VLC on previous occasions, it’s worked quite well.

By the way I am using Vista 32 bit Home Premium.

Hah! Awesome! I never knew that before!

Hey, thanks, Transcendant. VLC rocks!

I can’t figure out how to make the recording work in VLC.

It’s a little trickier in windows, but basically you can click the ‘capture(or something similar)’ option from the ‘file’ menu. Set your file, your framerate, and your input (in this case, set it to desktop), and if you like, there’s a pop-up menu at the bottom of the capture window that lets you specify a codec to save it in(the menu option in this case is ‘convert’.)

A tip, if you go to the ‘video codec’ tab in the ‘convert’ dialogue box, you can set the final resolution of your video, so you don’t have to save it in fullscreen resolution.