How to record new rigid body physic animation (not from game engine!)?

Does anybody know, how to record physic animation, that is made in Blender Render (not in Blender Game)…? I was used to record rigid body animation from game engine (just with button “record animation” in Game header menu) into simple keyframes. But with rigid body directly in Blender Render physic, this is not possible, but i need it for combining soft body and rigid body. Of course, i can do it still in Blender game engine, but im just interested, if its possible also in Blender Physic with new rigid body system…

I mean my question, like if its possible to record baked animation, to timeline (convert it into simple keyframes)

Select object, press Spacebar, search for Bake, select ‘Bake to Keyframes’, select frame range, press OK

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Omg, how simple! Thank’s a lot!