How to record path child's movement to IPO

I have been trying to animate a pencil writting word. That’s fine, pencil follows the NURBS curve and draws. But the problem is that the pencil (the child of curve) starts it’s journey at the 1 frame. So how to make it to start at for ex. at the 100 frame?

Or is it possible to record pencil’s (the child’s of curve) movement into IPO?


You can record the mouse movement in real time, which might make it easier to simulate hand writing :


how to make it to start at for ex. at the 100 frame?

Bottom-left of Anim Settings tab in F7 give it a TimeOffSet of 100.


Oh, thanks.

And another quastion. Is it possible to record (may be to IPO or I don’t know) events like in 1 frame ob1 is child of ob2 and until 100 frame, and than ob1 becomes a child of ob3?

You can sort of fake it with copy location/rotation constraints. The influence can be keyframed, to switch between parents and you could keyframe the influence at something less than a factor of 1.00 to produce a parent-child effect.

Technically, the “record mouse” feature will work with an influence channel … or any other channel, but practically (I just tried it … it doesn’t work atll that well, the feedback is not there as other objects in the scene do not animate while recording … hmm sounds like a good feature request :slight_smile:

Aligorith has / (had??) a child-of constraint in development, but it hasn’t made it to CVS yet.


You use CopyLocation Constraints (and maybe CopyRotation too) with both Obj-1 and Obj-2 as Targets and at frame 100 you turn off the influence of Obj-2 and turn on inf for Obj-3. You can’t keyframe Parent/Child relationships.


I’m cleaning it up and will check if I have clearance to commit it sometime soon (within the next week or so).