How to recover data

(yo) #1

i am a newbie to this whole 3d world . i have jaust started learning blender.
After wasting few hours/days i can build only one object/ character. But accidently i delete the whole data. this is happening frequently. If i am in edit mode i can recover the changes the thru mesh > undo editing . But if i am in object mode i donno what to do , how to recover. Can any body tell me how to recover these kinda accindental loss?
thanx in advance

(BeBraw) #2

Use backuping. Blender has autosave function. You can find it in the settings
. Check out the Auto Save and you can decide how many backups Blender makes and at which interval it makes them.

These backup files are saved as yourWork.blend1, yourWork.blend2, yourWorkblendPutNumberHere …

You can open them normally as any other .blend file.

(z3r0 d) #3

you know… blender has global undo now

in object mode even… control+z is the shortcut