How to recover modifiers after save and close the program?

Hi Everyone, unfortunately i was modeling in blender using two modifiers: mirror and SDS then i aplied to see the mesh, then i save it and close the program, did u know how to solve it?

You could check your temp folder to see if there is a backup of your file before you applied the modifiers, blender by default saves temp backups every 2 minutes (look for “yourfile”_autosave.blend files in your temp folder).

If you do not have an adequate backup file you will have to manually delete half your object and put the mirror modifier back.

SDS is more tricky there is an unsubdivide option in edit mode under the edit menu, this option will not preserve the volume of your object and will average the “support loop tension” and may not give you the results you want.

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When you save, are you getting a .blend1 file?

Try renaming as .blend and opening that.

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Yes !! works, I hadn’t thought about it, I had agreed to delete everything and restart the project