how to recover right click menu

by accident i added a right click menu item in the default right click on drawing screen.
How can i restore it back to default, or edit it manually by text editor
(i would prefer by manual editing)

No idea what you refer to as a drawing screen - 3dview?
Blender’s User Preferences has a Input tab where all the keys are listed under appropriate groups.

If you have set a lot of custom key combinations and want to correct just one better start with Export Key Configuration.
If that’s not the case and there are no plenty of modifications for your default startup too - File - Load Factory Settings does just that - loads factory settings. Click Save User Settings in User Preferences after.

Search box can help to find things in User Preferences, Input but you will still need to find out what was there before.

solved i had set it all back by factury defaults in the main menu