How to recreat Bulbasaurs pattern procedurally?

How would you guys recreate the dark green polygons on Bulbasaurs skin?

I could just try to vertex-paint them on, but it would probably look really bad and I’d much rather prefer the much smarter, procedural approach.
I already figured that a voronoi-texture could help me but the exact composition is currently beyond me.

Something like this?
Here you have the blend file with some values exposed in the left.


(2.81 or +) : Bulbasaur.blend (583.3 KB)


Not gonna lie, that’s really impressive! I would’ve never guessed to use the “Smooth F1” algorithm as an additional map :exploding_head:
Thanks a bunch!

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Is there an additional cost to using 4D over 2D or 3D, using the “seed” just as a coordinate offset instead? I have noticed that Smooth F1 tends to fail for large offsets (the smoothness breaks).

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Another quick question. Do you know a good way to control where the dots are going?
The pattern looks great on a sphere but on my model, well…

You could add a mapping node to offset the voronoi texture manually. Alternately/additionally you could make a vertex color layer that you then use to mask out the face and mouth.


I did try vertex painting in order to mask of certain parts, however it looked very clumsy.

Is there a best practice or trick to it that I don’t know about?

Well, if you want hand placed precision, uv mapped textures are kinda your option.
combining procedural and hand painted textures is a bit of a balancing act.

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