How to recreate the cast metal seams on a plane

How to create the gaps where metal plates intersect? I have tried extruding inwards but it looks weird. Any tips?

Something like above

you could make it real hole seams

or do a bump map using paint texture
but difficult to get precision!

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Areas where the faces are higher and lower? (the different panels)

what do you mean ?

if there is a door then you make a real door
and do your uv mapping

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As in modelling this areas

Im not sure but you can maybe scale the faces on Individual-Points.

There was that guy who made something like a e-book for Writing Addons for B… 2.79, who also made WWII Airplane with a nice approach but i can’t find it now…

First you have shown us your model with no topology nor any of your trials or difficulties…
Then you are somekind of ignoring @RickyBlender (2x). If you don’t know what a bump map is… look it up like or…

to @Thicc_Boi : you mean extruding extruding polygons? this would be possible if he modeled the topology after the real plates (doesn’t look lke taht)

Witold_Jaworski / SBD Dauntless (US Navy dive bomber)

here are 2 free E-book but it is in Spanish i think!
still showing all the steps and easy to follow

but needs to get a lot of high res photos

the other way is to model each panel as a mesh and assign materials

see his thread here

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Changed tag to #support:modeling as you will get more help there.

Take a look at this thread …he has done some stunning work with Knife Project and duplicates with Shrink-wrap…

I also think the @RickyBlender link to the SBD Dauntless thread will knock your socks off!!

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Yes that’s the one! Thanks bookmarked again (spanish?? it’s english ? and shows me his whole homepage…) .

these are the old one which are free
but if you need the latest one you need to pay for it !

but old ones still contains a lot of nice tips for modelling

have fun
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Thanks @RickyBlender for the airplane instructions manual, it helped me with the modelling a lot, also @RSEhlers project link helped with speeding up the build as I was cutting the holes individually. This is what it is now after about an hour of work.

Also I have found that resetting the scale plays around with the solidify modifier’s effect (it gets thicker). Should I recalculate the scale of all the different meshes or is there a setting?

ANYTIME you Move / Scale or do anything to a mesh…set scale and rotation or all if you don’t many things will break or not work or work in unexpected ways…
It’s just a habit you need to develop, I speak from experience, that after doing several things to a mesh I remember to set scale, and bam, things go haywire, which they wouldn’t have if I had set it after each step! :wink: