How to recreate the "Edge Split" modifier in Geometry Nodes?

I need to use the “Edge Split” modifier on a specific vertex group, but the option to target a specific vertex group doesn’t exist in the modifier. How would I go about making this as a geometry node? (I’m using fields by the way)

Currently, geometry nodes are not really able to do that.

The edge split node was one of the first node done as a proof of concept, before the introduction of attributes.
Obviously, it was not made to handle attributes.

The sharp edges option is satisfying for modifier when sharp edges are defined in Edit Mode.
But when a dynamic selection from a nodetree is expected, it is no more satisfying.
Edge properties are not handled as an edge attributes except Crease Weight.

We should expect that in future. All edge properties (bevel weight, sharp, freestyle edge, seam) will be handled by default.