How to recreate this 3D vampiric star animation from European space observatory(ESO)?

Hi, I’m learning to use blender for a short movie. I’d like to create a 3Danimation that’s similar to the animation video on TouTube(link below). I’m not sure what physics+shading elements are needed in the workflow.

Can someone with experience give me tips on the workflow to achieve this?. A quick overview in steps would be very helpful. Thanks a bunch!. : )

You do not need to use particle physics for this, unless you really want to try it. The shapes in the video are not changing as much, so these can be achieved with shape animations.

Look into Eevee volumetrics and space on Youtube.

Thank you! : ).

I will learn Volumetrics. Any ideas on how I can narrow my focus even more in learning to achieve that animation?.

Also look in to force fields, especially flow

Thanks!. : )
I will learn about force fields as well. Any more tips would be welcome!.