How to recreate this effect in Cycles?

I am really new to Blender and I was wondering where you could add the glow halos around objects like this:

I’m sorry if this seems really stupid but I haven’t used Cycles or Blender at all really.

One way I could think of is by using the compositor. Create a second render layer containing only the balls and apply a glow filter. A node setup like this might do the work:

Thanks, I was needing this.

Warning I am about to sound really stupid but is it possible at all to make the glowing object move behind another without showing through?
For example if I took this scene:

and switched the camera so the box was completely hiding the sphere, to make the result look like this:

instead of like this:

You don’t need another Render Layer. Just enable the “Emission” option in passes. And you will see a new option in Render Layers node :slight_smile: