How to Reduce Fireflies / NaN pixels in EEVEE (not Cycles)

So I’ve been getting these “larger” versions of fireflies which I’ve seen many people call “NaN pixels”. I’ve looked through some threads and done things to reduce NaN pixels like decreasing the strength / entirely removing normal maps, lowering and raising sample count, and clamping the blooming, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any sort of idea what’s going on and how to resolve this issue?

I have a video here that shows a comparison of the animated shot I’m trying to render with this issue:

It would seem that severely lowering the samples reduces the appearance of these fireflies / NaN pixels, but it comes with the expected noisy frames. Raising the same count increases the chance AND sizes of the fireflies / NaN pixels.

Some other information:
-Using Blender Eevee engine
-Using Blender 2.83 (newest version)
-I have SSR (screen space reflections) activated in the render panel
-Refraction and half res trace in SSR is also turned on
-Zero baked indirect lighting

Hi. Eevee is not very stable for animation at the moment, and some of those artifacts and flickering are generally known limitations. However, some artifacts may be due to configuration.
You switch to Solid mode, camera view (0 numpad). In Viewport, in the Overlays drop-down menu you enable “Face Orientation”. Play animation in viewport and you see if you see artifacts or flickers during animation in Viewport. If you can see them, you check in Camera settings if you are not using a very small Lens > Clip > Start value. End value should also not be excessively large if you don’t need it to be.

Also, you try to use not very shiny materials (increase Roughness).

In all these cases, perhaps you will get better support if you could share a .blend file where the problem can be reproduced.