how to Reduce framekeys on animation

Hi exported an bvh animation made on mocap. But the problem is that this animation has many keyframes (each frame is a keyframe for every bone) and it consumes lots of memory and I get lag. When I open the action editor blender frezzes and I can not edit the animation so. I wanted to reduce the total number of keyframes of the animation without losing the characterization of the movement.

Has any phyton script or function of the blender that does it?

If you’re using blender 2.5 you can simplify the animation curves with an addon.

It’s working for armature pose animation? Cause i tried to do it and doesn’t working.

Good question.

Did you try it on the individual f-curves? You may even want to experiment with deleting the actions and just have curves left, simplify the curves and then try making them into actions again.

If i delete the action i’m going to delete the animation :S

maybe I’ve got this wrong, but can’t you delete an action, eg head, and have the f-curve remain intact? You then take the f-curve and simplify it and then make that into the action head again