How to reduce poly counts of a 3D object?

How can i reduce the poly counts without sacrificing the graphics of the 3d? Is it possible? I just want to lessen the file size of my blender project. Thanks!

More power!

You’re asking about both polygon count and blend file size. Which do you want ?
The file size does not just include the number of polys, it could be image files, baked cache files, particle ssytems.

To make the file size smaller, if its got image files in your blend file, can you reduce their resolution, remove any unwnated textures, materials etc. When you save the blend file ensure you enable the ‘compress’ option in the file save window.

For polygon reduction try the decimate modifier, or retopologise the model to give polygon density where you want it most. You could also bake any high resolution details to a normal or displacement texture.

Thanks! youve answered my problem! i forgot to tick the compress hahaha!