How to reflect base mesh deformation to edit mode?

In Blender, the character’s pose is transformed, but in edit mode it doesn’t change at all, it always stays in its original shape.
There are many problems that occur because the character shape in pose mode or object mode is different from that in edit mode.

I know that blender preserves the basemesh in edit mode for ‘non-destructive transformation’.
However, this sometimes limits creation, so I think the user should be able to control the limits for a ‘destructive transformation’.

Anyway, somehow I want to make the character’s pose transformation reflected in the edit mode as well.
Please help.

You want to toggle the far left option on the modifier. This will then show the rig posed whilst in edit mode.


Object → Apply → Visual Geometry to Mesh.

It’ll permanently bake the pose into the character and detach the character from the rig. Also works with cloth. I found it useful to fit clothes to new character meshes - put it on, roughly align it in the right place, hit ‘play’, let the colliders do their thing, then hit ‘apply’ and I have a new pants mesh that exactly fits the new character.

Thank you for answer.
Did I do it right? Additional problems arise.

  1. More deformed than the I deformed the pose
  2. Mismatch between mesh and shape in edit mode
    (The Object ‘Character1’ is amature object)

Thank you for answer.
After transforming the pose in pose mode, when I try ‘Visual Geometry to Mesh’ in object mode, it bakes in the form of a base mesh.
And the bones remain deformed.

Oh, turning on ‘On Cage’ in the Amature modifier solved problem 2
However, 1 is still a problem.

You’ve got a smooth modifier that’s not activated in edit mode

It’s not a smooth modifier, but turning off the ‘Realtime’ of the amature modifier solved problem 1.
Thank you so much for the clue!