How to Reflect Color?

So I’ve seen renders where the light picks up the color of a given object. I’m wondering how to achieve something simiar. I don’t know the term for it but I’m looking to recreate where light bounces off of an object and the color of that object is cast on everything around it.

For example this is my render:

And this is what I hope to achieve through rendering: Added and exaggerated using Photoshop to show what I’m trying to do.

Is there anyone that can shine some light on my predicament? No pun intended. I’ve tried everything I can think of or find through searching and I’m really tired of this texture. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve spent way to long on it to be missing what I consider to be a key feature.

I will greatly appreciate any help. I’m willing to test out anything to get it working if it is even possible. I am considering that it might not be possible.

P.S. This is using the internal render and not cycles.

if your objects emit light you can turn on indirect lighting to give you the effect you are looking for.

You need to use Cycles. BI won’t do color spill.

Steve S

Yea I’ve tried emit and it was doing other things I didn’t like. Did you have to set up anything fancy or was color spill automatic once you set the wall color? I guess for the render I’ll have to use cycles. I still want to figure out how to fake the color spill, maybe with texturing, I’ll see.

Thanks guys!

If you just absolutely have to use internal you can set up small fast fall off differently colored point lights inside each candy, no shadows. You will also have to do a little juggling to make sure the candy does not light itself up! Really this is almost the very specific goal that cycles was optimized for, IMO.
Are you using SSS? That might not work out with this method, requiring you to go to some pretty complicated node work.

I don’t have to use the internal but I would like to learn how. Mostly because I am learning to use my models for games and such. Cycles gives to good of a render that doesn’t really depict a similar look to what game engines I use will actually show. Yes I am using SSS, does Cycles not work with SSS?

It would be nice if I could use cycles and bake the full textures to UV maps. After some searching though it does not seem that is possible. Since I’m focusing more on gaming applications and not cycles I am going to

I am a bit surprised that if they can code ray trace lighting that color spill, or whatever it is called, is not a feature already added into the IR.

What you are looking for is “Indirect Lighting” or radiosity or color bleeding as some call it. If you click on the world settings, there is the option for Ambient Occlusion, Env lighting, and Indirect Lighting.

Currently Blender only supports Approximate (fake) Indirect Lighting. However it does not look very accurate in my opinion. I am doing the same as you, trying to get pretty lighting for games. I decided Blender is awesome enough that I could add that feature on my own and be happy with it as my world builder/baking package.

If you want to try my custom build which allows raytraced Indirect Lighting. You can get that here:

You can see the difference in a post I made here:

Please let me know if you use it and if you find any bugs/issues with it. Any images you make with it or tests would be helpful in getting my code patched into mainstream Blender.