How to reload a video in the VSE?

Hello, I am trying to work with the VSE. I started on Linux making my video, but for various reasons I now have to move to Windows… however, I have a “path” problem with all of my movie files, so my Blender file comes up “broken”. I DO NOT see anyway to “reload” the video on a selected strip, and I don’t want to have to remake/reposition all the video strips again. Help?

Hm… Haven’t done much in the VSE, but maybe try packing the file before you move it to a different computer.

Best bet might be to render everything out of your current project (render to a jpeg image sequence and then do a separate mixdown) and then import the rendered material into a new blender project on windows. It’s brutal, but then again it’s video editing with a 3d package :slight_smile: Otherwise I have no idea. I think that there IS a ‘reload’ button for audio so perhaps there is something for video but either way I wouldn’t place to much faith in it.

Actually you might want do the above anyway, just in case blender decides to ::lose:: your footage.

yes, ethier pack and then unpack, or change your dirs to match exactly, and be sure when specifying the file to click “Relative Path” button in the file selection header. It will still say the full path on the strip :frowning: but it will be relative.