How to Remote Control Blender from another application?

I’m looking for a solution how to control Blender from a remote app. I thought of using sockets…

I want to…

  • Change objects and camera location and rotation
  • Render scene to file
  • Save current 3D view image to file

What do you suggest how to do this? Any solution already out there to use or to look at?


I would say that it depends on the specifics of the remote control app that you want to use. For example, you might want a different approach if you want your control app to be a web-app or an iPhone app. It also depends on the type of updates that you might want to run on the objects. For example if you just wanted a website where you could input some object locations and get a render then it would be fairly easy to do that by running Blender in command-line mode and launching it from a Tomcat server. In this case, Blender would not even know that it was generating scenes that would be sent over the Internet.