How to remove an action that does not go down to 0


Normally I would press Shift F4, go to action and keep pressing F until it goes to 0 , but I have this action that only goes down to 1 and never goes down to 0, and I cannot delete this action. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? How can I delete this action?

That just means that there is a user for that action in your file and not just a fake user . Look through your actions and see what is connected to that action and delete the link . Once you do that you will be able to get rid of it from the file the usual way .

… Though mind you sometimes this can be quite the lark hunt … I have seen cases where an action had a user though a node link in a material setting …

hello, how do you look through the actions to see what is connected? I normally go to the outliner and the action seems to attach to the mesh itself. If I try to unlink the action, it gives me an error and says “not yet”. I guess I could delete the mesh itself, but that would really defeat the whole purpose. I’m not sure how you delete the link.

I’m not sure why you are getting the “not yet” error message … could you post the blend ? It might be faster for someone to actually look at the file to figure out what’s going on …

ok, i packaged it up, thanks for the help

It was simple to delete the action via the Action Editor … I just hit the “X” next to the “idle” action name and it was gone after I saved the file and reopened it …


  Yes I tried that too after your post, and yes it did work. I guess I have been so used to go to F4, I didn't try to use the x button. I'm not sure why shift F4 didn't work, but i know now what to do, thank you