how to remove definitively uv coordinates ?

I’m modelling a door wich I want to render with indigo.
I want a simple phong material, no uv texture.

But it seems there’s some “ghost” uv texture applied to the mesh, with results in a weird render with indigo.
I never applied any uv-map to the mesh, but I get the the <expose-uv-set" in indigo’s XML… I don’t know where that uv texture comes from…

So anyway, how can I remove any reference to any uv texture/coordinates in blender ? Like I’d never touched any uv button ?

I selected the mesh, pushed the “TexFa–>delete” button but it doesn’t change anything when I export the mesh to indigo…
Help !

TexFa - delete should delete all the UV coords and restore them to the default value. If that doesn’t work, i have a feeling something else is causing the problem.