How to remove footage noise in blender?

Just wondering if anyone knows a good way to remove video noise with blender either with the compositor or in the sequencer.
I’m just trying to remove it from some dslr video and virtual dub has a great filter for it but i had to convert the format to RAW first and that just adds another step.

That’s a tricky one man :confused:
You could try isolating noise with a laplace filter and sampling the pixel next to it?

Would be nice to know what filter in virtualdub you use. I have tried to do this before in Blender without much result.

The virtual dub filter was the smooth and temporal smooth first one is better for faster motion it seems to use color difference and similarity’s. The latter uses previous and next frames and is more effective for bad noise just set to 3 or below for more than moderate speed movement.

Got the laplace isolation but I’m not sure what you mean by the sampling nearby pixels could you maybe show an example?

Add a translate node and set the translation to 1 pixel, then add a mix node, and set the laplace filter output to be the mix factor.
Will need some tweaking, but I have managed to get it to look decent in the past. good luck :slight_smile: