How to Remove Keyframe Only From the Selected Bone?

I am animating a dragon for Garry’s mod and I am having trouble animating. Whenever I delete a keyframe for a bone, I want it to delete the keyframe from that bone ONLY! What instead happens is if I delete a Keyframe, it deletes the keyframe for ALL bones, which screws up my my walking animation. I also have the “Only Selected Channels” selected.

How do I remove a keyframe for ONLY the selected bone?

Deleting just keyframes from selected bones works perfectly for me by just deleting them in either dopesheet or graph editor or just RMB on the value and clearing the keyframe

Shows us exactly what you are doing and supply a simplified demo blend file and say exactly what you want to delete

I went to the dopesheet and went to the “Head” Column and tried to delete the keyframes, but it deletes everything above it and below it.

Never mind. Turns out deleting them in the dope sheet did indeed delete only for that bone. Thank you!