How to remove lingering smoke after turning off 'Inflow'? Blender 3.0

Hi!, I’m just a bit stumped on this,so I thought I’d ask.I have a smoke sim that blows up a house(pretty cool, right?)

Well, I I have the emitter’s flow setting key framed a while before the end, with dissolve. my problem is that when the flow turns off, and everything seems to disappear, there is still a thick sheet of smoke on the ground.

I was wondering if it was my key framing, or the fact I’m using 3.0 alpha.

Here’s the project file:
HHEERREE.blend (3.3 MB)

And if anyone could, could you tell me a good smoke and fire material set-up? waht I’ve got works, but was wondering if there was something better out there. Thanks!!

Edit1: Still not solved, but I have sort of thinned it by raising the simulation a bit.