How to remove mipmapping in viewports.


I’m working on my first project in Blender and I’ve reached the UV stage. I’ve just reached the UV mapping stage and I’ve hit a snag.

I use a test texture to make sure that everything is unwrapping correctly but I can’t get it to display correctly in the viewport. I will display, but it displays mipmapped all to hell. The resolution is so low that it is useless for my purposes.

It works when rendered, but I need to be able to see the high-res texture in my viewport. Is there a way to do this?

My two examples below show a viewport screenshot, and a render view of what I’d really enjoy seeing in my viewport.

Can anyone help?


It looks like you have the shading mode set to “shaded” (the smooth orange ball). You should set it to “textured” and make sure the faces have that map assigned to them in the UV editor.

Shifting it to “textured” applies the texture that I have set on my UV map. It’s still blurred, and alas, I can’t get it too tile. This is rather unfortunate.

Are there any other ways?