How to remove rigging and keep the new shape?

Sorry if it’s been asked before, but I tried searching and can’t find what I’m looking for. Perhaps I’m not using the correct terminology.

I made a rough human shape in a basic t pose, figured it be easier to get the proportions that way, them put in a skeleton to pose it how I want. Now I want to get rid of the skeleton so I can sculpt on it but no matter what I try when I get rid of the skeleton the mesh goes back to the t pose. I tried alt p to clear parents on both the mesh and armature. I tried making a duplicate mesh but it just deforms when I move it from the original mesh.

Probably a dumb noob question but it’s got me stumped.

Thanks in advance.

just press apply as shapekey in the modifier, then delete the armature.

Thanks bat3a.

Didn’t realize the armature was a modifier since I didn’t add it by the usual add modifier button. So much to learn still.