How to remove System Bookmarks in Blender File Manager???

Hi There

Is it possible to delete Bookmarks Blender creates based on the System Folders? What you see inside the bookmarks are my OS X Folder Bookmarks inside the Finder. I really dont need all there.

Those are the folders you’ll see in the Finder sidebar. You can only remove them by removing from Finder

Darn that is what I started to think as well. Too bad Blender cannot selectively remove those as well.

cekuhnen: now bookmark works as you asked for :slight_smile: great for all of us
I have some UI notes that I want to post later (in separate thread, because it becomes quite complex problem).

For now I have one question - my “System Bookmark” is toggled (bottom to top) and some of the bookmarks are on a wrong place in the list anyway.

(Only first “Dropbox” is OK, the rest is toggled, and two “addons” and last "Dropbox is on a wrong place.)

Is there any way to reset “System Bookmark”?
It goes somewhere since 2.63 version (maybe).

I tried “Load Factory Setting”, but zero success.
Thanks for tips.

iMac i7 - OS X 10.7.5