How to remove the grey tint from everything?

The first image is made with Blender. I set the plane’s colour to white, the world’s background colour to white, added a 1000W area light directly above the sphere. Now compare that to the second image I made with Paint. The Blender one’s plane is still grey and not as white as the Paint one.

How to remove the grey tints from everything? Must I use some kind of post processing?

Here’s how you would do it and keep the shading of the object.

Here’s how you would do it if you want it to be flat colored.

Thank you for replying me, but that was not the point of my question. I do not want flat shading, but I want to make things (background, white objects) more white, than grey while keeping the colours of objects. That is, I do not want the whole screen become white-washed.

if i understand it right,then you dont want too much of the white backround color,right?then make the world backround color black,because world backround color emits light.
and since you are in viewport solid shading,change there the backround to viewport and click underneath the color to your like.

and if the reflections still to high, reduce specular in the shading settings.

if you are in rendered mode,and has filmic in the colormanagment selected,you can try a high contrast look.
if you dont want to render HDR lights above 1.then you can switch to standart.

You could add a plane behind the objects that has a white emission.

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