how to render a huge crowd of characters without lag? or .. (read topic)

i created a character, i created a valley with grass, i duplicated the character many times to create a it has lag.

can i like make it so that it seems as tho the crowd is “never-ending” and the character the fades off into the horizon or soemthing? but at the same time not crap up my computer with huge lag?

Have you seen Blender People?

It may be what you need.


I would go with Dupliverts. Create a mesh with one vertex for every person. Then you parent the character mesh to the other mesh. If you turn on Dupliverts you get one character per vertex. This you can do just before rendering.

1 - If you’re using subsurf, turn it off in the viewport and keep it only active in the rendering, this will decrease the lag.

2 - Again, if you’re using subsurf, don’t set it tto hig fo the far away ones (Eg: 3 for foreground, 2 a bit behind, 1 even more behind).

3 - Watch this, this is a huge crowd, isn’t it? Scrool the page down, in one post the author ( The M.h.p.e.), explains his tecnique (he uses textured planes - a diffuse one for the color, an alpha one fot transparency and a normal one for 3d appearence)