How to render after compositing?

I’ve a really noob question, but I’m getting mad in order to figure out how to solve my problem: I’ve done a bit of compositing after finished the project, but now I don’t really know how to re-render the project with the effects added with the compositor’s nodes!:frowning: I’ve tried to simply close the compositor window, switching to the 3D View, and then hitting F12 I render the scene, but nothing to do: the compositor doesn’t affect the project:(


Blender version?
In blender 2.5x you could try turning on compositing in the post processing tab in the render panel, usally is on by default but… and make sure to did not turn off the use nodes option in the compositor node window.

That should solve it… have fun!

Oh no! I disabled it and I forgot to re-turn it on:( all right! Solved:)
Thank you very much man! :smiley: