how to render after weight paint?

I have a question about rendering or assinging a colour created in weight paint to a mesh. I know I have to assign a texture to a material in the normal (object) mode. When switching to weight paint and adding a colour its impossible to render it.

I’m looking for a clear tutorial that explains how to render weight paint objects. Or if someone knows what the settings should be after painting in weight paint you can possibly post it here?

Thank you.

Weight painting is just an in-viewport visual representation of vertex group influences, it’s not actually material color data on your object. Are you trying to use weight paint to make your color textures? It’s not really clear what you’re going for here. Materials are what is rendered. Weight painting has basically nothing to do with that.

If you actually mean Vertex Paint you can enable its rendering with the ‘Vertex Color Paint’ option in the Material / Options settings