How to render as fast as the game engine framerate?


I’m looking to find a way to render a model animation as fast as possible. The quality of the render is not important. The only thing I need is to render the model with uv textures and vertex colors like it is rendered in the game engine. My computer is a netbook and my screen resolution is 1024x600. All my model animations run at 60 fps in the game engine. I need my render image sequences or video resolution to be 1280x720. When I use the Blender Internal renderer, it takes 17 seconds to render 1 frame, this is ridiculus …

Thanks for your time!

OpenGL Render Active Viewport


When I click this button, blender gives me an error : Failed to create OpenGL off-screen buffer, unknown. :frowning:

What is your hardware setup? Your GPU may not support a full subset of OpenGL features.