How to render composite instead of video sequence ?

Hello all,

I am working on an edit in the VSE, and at some point I realized some of the frames I used were not scaled properly (and the VSE did a poor job at scaling, much aliasing was created), so I went in the compositor to create a simple node tree to scale my image sequence. The problem is when I click “render animation” in the scene panel, it renders the VSE result, not the compositing result.

Any idea ?


You need to delete your track in VSE to render from the composition.

You can set up another scene and do the composite there, then add that scene as a strip into the original vse scene.

Thank both of you ! I got an answer on IRC that’s a tad more non-destructive : unticking “sequencer” in the “post-processing” panel (properties editor, scene context) does it. @3pointEdit I didn’t know these editors could be connected in such a way. Very good to know.


Check out the tutorials at my youtube ch in the sig below, there are many cool ways to use VSE compositor together.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: