How to Render from Perspective view?

Hi …
How can I Render my work from Perspective View? or any other view like Top bottom Views…

I try to Delete the Camera but blender stop render he asked for new Camera to be create :confused:

learn the numpad, press ctrl + shift + numpad 0
the view name is in the upper left of the 3d editor window.

in the header/footer of the 3d window there is a camera button and a film clapper button

the camera button will do a still frame of the view (open GL)
the film clapper will render the animation from the view (open GL)

“waylow”: I try the camera button i don’t like what i get " it render the hi light of any object i select and i see camera symbol when render?

in Maya its much butter i can render in Perspective view with no need of camera

nothing is much butter in Maya

open the properties panel (n)
and then check Display > “only render”

if your 3d view is in Orthographic, you can switch to perspective with the numpad 5

thanks “waylow”

I then rendered using the camera button not the F12 key is this correct?

I folow your steps but i rendered usind the [Camera Button]
can anybody know the Shortcut Key for Camera button?

if you press shift+A when in object mode you can add a camera from there :slight_smile:

This is a stupid question. Why would you ever want to render without knowing what camera settings you are using? What ‘lens’ you are using? 3D is a kind of digital photography in itself, doing photography without a camera isn’t logical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Her is a Quick test I make

I render using the Camera

Her I render using [Camera Button] Looks Horrible
Help! I want to Render from Perspective view? no Camera Please :frowning:

I don’t know what you’re referring to as ‘horrible’ in your examples but I know this; You need to learn basic photography/cinematography if you’re gonna get anywhere working with 3D. You really need to know how a camera works. As simple as.

And a quicktip, if your problem is field of view, change the focal length of the camera, you do that in the camera settings.

I don’t think it’s a stupid question (though “no camera!” is poor wording), sometimes it’s desirable to just pop a quick render from the current view to inspect a material or whatever. I don’t know why Viewport Render was brought up, it seems pretty clear he’s talking about proper renders from the “free perspective”.
This is most easily done by moving the active camera to the current perspective with ctrl+alt+0. Changing the lens angle or making the view ortographic has to be done manually in the camera’s Properties tab.

I appreciate the ability to see high quality preview renders of anything in Cycles, even zooming in on a tiny detail within my proper camera view. If there was a “render whatever stupid thing that happens to be visible in the active viewport”-button next to the Viewport Render buttons, I’d probably use it fairly often.


I am not saying it’s stupid to be able to render a viewport - the ability to use Cycles in the viewport is pure awesomeness - but what I am saying is that the approach of generally rendering without a camera, that is stupid. You need a camera with settings where the viewport window is a camera without settings. :stuck_out_tongue:

What he wants/needs is to snap the camera to his current perspective view. I forgot the shortcut for snapping the camera to current view. After you do that, press f12. Hopefully someone will chime in with the correct hotkey, or you could search for it yourself. :slight_smile:

It’s [ctrl]+[alt]+[0] but it’s up there in one of the first answers. :slight_smile:

And he doesn’t want that, but I agree he needs to. :wink: