How to render in 1028x768?

Hi, I would like to find out how to render in 1028x768 for my files. i done research saying that by pressing f10 key will bring you to renderbutton and from there on i can set the changes. Right now the issue is that yes i can create a new file and set the settings to 1028x768. but it does not show my image or and just a blank black screen. i change the source generated to point to my file but it state that it can not get an image.

my files in the renderbutton section image is known as renderresult. when i choose it, it will show up but the size is not the correct size which i wanted. it show "Image: size 960x540,RGB float+.

Anyone got any idea how to change the resolution??

Do you have a light source in the scene you’re trying to render ?
No light source and it should be black.

For the resolution, in the Render tab , set the 1028 x 768 here , remember to set to 100% too

Yes i did have 3 point of light source for it.
Anyway, by using your method to set the resolution, it works! Thanks for the help! Appreciate it =D