How to render like this.

i was wondering how to make this semi-clayish looking style used on the house in this picture. Anyone know of a tutorial or some settings to use on the materials to get this effect?

House Pic

Don’t use any lights in the scene, just use Ambient Occlusion (F8).

Thanks man i got something somewhat close but my problem now is that it is really grainy. It wasnt with the light and normal materials but now its almost as if i compressed it to like 30% quality.

Try increasing the samples. Longer render time, but less grainy. You could also increase the render size, then when it’s done shrink it.

thank ill give it a try

You can only look at CGI renders for a year or two before they begin to look stertil. The plates are so clean that they will begin to bother your eyes. The noise produced by ambient occlusion adds character to the render but there’s a ballance between noise that looks good and noise that just looks noisy. That’s one of the reasons why many programs have the ability to add noise or film grain to your your images.