how to render nodes ?

hello !
I was following this tutorial : ,about nodes.
all worked great.
but when I do a render I don’t see the nodes effects.

I am able to see the result in the nodes viewer, but when I render I get the regular image without the effect of the nodes.

how can I render with nodes ?

click Do Composite

I already clicked it (it is selected).

here is a screenshot
there is the render window on the right, but it ISN’T like the image in the viewer window (the lower half of the image, were the nodes are).

You need to connect the output to the Composite node for it to render, the Viewer is just for quick previews while whatever is in the Composite is what’s going to be rendered out.


Thanks ! you helped me a lot !

I have other question on the second tutorial :

why does my new world texture so small ? why doesn’t it fills the render like it should ?

Thanks for the help guys, but I still need help for the second tutorial.


Mix-type nodes appear to take their output size from the size of the TOP input. Switch the inputs and you’ll probably get something more like what you expect.

thanks, that did the trick.