How to render object in front of everything? (X-Ray in render)

It’s possible to make object visible in front of everything (aka X-Ray) in viewport, but how to make it in render? I saw someone advised to do it through composing, but is there any way to make it easier and faster? (I’ll spend too much time figuring out how to make it through composing)

Easy: Simply add a new View Layer with only that object visible and pipe it on top in the Compositor.

I don’t believe that it’s that simple and quick (besides, I’ll probably will redact scene later, so it might do everything much harder), i have scene cluttered with enormous amount of different objects, and i need to highlight every single of them for video, I thought of making it with creating copies of objects, that should be highlighted and set bright material on them (because it’s impossible to properly highlight objects in Blender), and animate their appearance

If you need to put several objects in front, simply add all those to the Collection which you enable in your second ‘on top’ View Layer. You could then choose to animate the visibility of these objects to make them appear one at a time, or whatever you want.