How to render only part of the image?

Hi all,

I’m suffering from slow rendering times and was wondering whether there is a way to make blender render just part of the scene. I would like to make it render the lower left corner, then lower right, etc. I could join them together afterwards. Is there any way to do this?

This is for the final render, but it occurs to me it would be good to have this when doing test renders. It’s quite annoying when you want to see how something looks, it’s at the top of the scene, and you have to wait for it to render the rest of the scene before getting to the bit you want.

Any ideas?


look for info on the render border thing [enable border in render buttons, and press, iirc, shift+b in camera view to define the edges with a box-select thingy]

or, you can turn on parts rendering and set xparts,yparts and such
[this is more useful if you don’t have the memory for the entire image buffer in your ram]