How to Render Orthographic View

Hello Everyone, :smiley:

Once Again I need help from you people about rendering. I have made a simple of stretch and squash, now I want to render it’s sequence images in png format, also from front view and it will be orthographic view too.:smiley:

It is something like a glossy round button which has a simple animation, I also need some suggestions on how to make the ball like a good looking and something like professional. It is also looking 2D, Can it be like more 3D type if yes how to do that.

what I have done :- A UV Sphere with 100 segments and 100 rings, now taken a Red color material and done a stretch and squash with the help of object modifier simple deform and that’s it. There are only 24 frames total in the animation.

Please help me :spin:

Thanks in advanced …:slight_smile:

Select the camera and in its settings set it to be orthographic


Yes thanks Richard-Marklew and elbrujodelatribu for your support and taking time to help me. I think I got how to put the camera in orthographic view and that will be helpful for me :D. I have checked the camera properties several time but never seen that option, but thanks for tell me :).

I think it will be good to put a SOLVED in the title bar.

But if some one want to help me in any other way or matter please PM me or reply this thread I will check it in like some days a week.