How to render realistic hdri environment?

Hello. How to get realistic environment background? Any advises? I can’t find any tutorial of information about it.

Want to get something like this

For example.

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Are you talking about the lighting or using the HDRI as your background? Because in your second example image those trees are all CG. In your scene you have only a few actual trees in your scene that look like they have been made using the Sapling tool. Replacing them with higher quality models and filling the background with them in a variety of sizes will help a lot.

The other thing you’ll notice in the example image is how there are trees behind the camera casting shadows onto the lawn. This helps make it feel like there is more to the scene than what’s in front of the camera.

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Good idea to use shadow catcher.

Oh I though the farthest trees are from a hdri image.

They are. Only the marked item is a mesh.