how to render RGBA movies in 2.65?

i’m used to using 2.49b, but was recently tempted to upgrade to 2.65 …
i usually use blender to make 3d elements for compositing in adobe after effects.

my prefered method was to render as a quicktime movie with RGBA; it was a nice small file for my poor slow computer and had the alpha channel so it was literally drag and drop compositing, and my buggy old after effects seemed to like it.

now i come to render in 2.65 and quicktime has gone, and none of the other options include RGBA option, just BW or RGB.

the options i have for video are:

Frame server
Ogg Theora

do i have to forget the smoke and addons, and go back to 2.49b? or is there a way around this without melting my motherboard?

If you are using Windows Quicktime was removed
Render as an image sequence with alpha such as .png

'tis a shame… but thanks for the tip.