How to render these

These are frames taken from an old C4D anim that I made. I’ve re-made the scene from scratch in Blender, and the final, fully textured renders are much better than the C4D one. However, it’s a progressive animation going from wireframe to final. Whilst I can render the final (not shown here), and using workbench, I can get close to the solid wireframe, I’d like to know exactly how to reproduce these in Blender (for the whole scene, and so I don’t want to have to start adding a wireframe modifier to everything).

Any help. I’ve played with the freestyle, but never used it before and getting lost. Cycles 3.0 cycles-x build.

To be honest, even the Workbench solid render is unsatisfying.

But making progress with the shaded view. Also using Workbench.

Blender can render the actual view port as image and also the whole animation. See *View-> Viewport Render Image * or …Animation.

Thank you. Never even knew that was there.